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A Welcome to the African Orphans Project

Orphan houses on the hill in Shongweni
Beginning in 2006, teams from America and Canada traveled to Shongweni Village, Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa to rescue children who lost both parents as a result of HIV/AIDS. Most often these children lived alone in stick and mud shacks with the oldest child acting as the caregiver. Today, we have 39 houses built, with over 185 children and adult caregivers who are providing a decent, safe environment for these children. A July 2013 team from the US will travel to build house #40.  We couldn't do this without your continued support.  THANK YOU!
"In this life, in this place, I couldn't afford to have too many dreams. But the few that I allowed myself were strong. I wanted to see Mr. Mandela walk free, and that has happened. I wanted to see apartheid die, and even that has happened. Now, something that I thought was too impossible even to dream about has happened. I have a house. I have a home. I am complete."                                                                     Jane Mohlambi (caregiver)


African Orphans Project Completes House #40!!!

With the help our the house caregiver (Neely), her four children (three are AIDS orphans), and some local villagers, the U.S. build team of 10 were able to build AOP house number 40.  The organization and attention to detail of the team helped this house go up faster than any past builds.

We now have a new family established with these vulnerable children receiving the care and attention they will need to thrive.  We could not have made this happen without the help of our volunteers, their sponsors, and our donors.  Please consider making a donation to help us continue our mission.

November 2013 Team Forming Now...

Won't you join us in helping African AIDS orphans...and for an adventure of a lifetime. 

We are currently planning a trip for the November 2013 African Orphans Project (AOP) Build Team Trip and we wanted to share with you some of the preliminary planning details.

The dates for the trip are—Depart Phoenix on November 20, 2013 and return to Phoenix on December 02, 2013. Essentially, we would be gone the week of Thanksgiving and would be building that week. We call this our Turkey Day Trip - and what better way to celebrate our thanksgiving gratitude than to give to those deperately in need.

For more details or tickets to this event, please Contact UsThank you for your continued support!